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Bar for Saddle

Tosoni bar for saddle or D is comfortable and practical. Features: Made from nickel-plated brass, it is very strong and durable in time, it is fixed precisely using two screws at the cantle of …

14.00 lei

Eskadron Seat Cover

Suportul  pentru scaun cu interiorul căptușit cu fleece, pentru a ține șaua departe de praf și murdărie.

181.00 lei

Saddle Gullet

The Tosoni saddle gullet is an accessory to adjust the amplitude of the English saddle tree. Available in various sizes. It is created to maximize the fit of the saddle on the horse, in …

77.00 lei

Wither Protractor

The protractor of the shape of the withers is very useful and practical, easy to use. Features: Made from moldable metal, to be placed along the withers of the horse and molded following its …

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