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„New Gen Pony” Western Saddle Complete

The „New Gen Pony” Western Saddle by Silver Star is perfect for young riders. Features: Made of synthetic material and leatherette with nylon reinforcements. Seat and stirrups in suede for a greater comfort. This …

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„New Gen” Western Synthetic Saddle

The „New Gen” Western Saddle by Silver Star is perfect for those who love to stand out! Features: Made of synthetic material and leatherette, easy to maintain. Nylon reinforcements. The saddle is black …

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„Think Pink” Western Saddle Pony

The „New Gen Pony” Western Saddle by Silver Star is perfect for young riders. The „Think Pink” Western Saddle for Pony is a saddle that certainly does not go unnoticed! Features: Made of synthetic material. Suede seat and stirrups …

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A-Fork H Saddle with Suede Seat

This Western saddle „Rocking Saddlery” for Training – Pleasure is an elegant and high quality saddle. Made from the best American leather and with attention to details. Features: – Anti-slip suede seat …

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American Bob’s Saddle

Bob’s Western Saddle for reiner, Randy Paul model, is the expression of the excellent fusion between particularity and elegance. Features: Bob’s saddle Randy PAul model has a wooden gullet covered with very resistant …

18,400.00 lei

Barrel Pool’s Color Saddle

Realizata din piele special tratata, arc special din rasina, sezuta din piele. Proiectata pentru utilizare pe termen lung, este rezistenta și atent lucrata in detaliu, de la echilibru și confort …

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Barrel Western Saddle

This Barrel Western Saddle is made of superior quality leather. Features: The seat jockeys and fenders are made of smooth leather while the rest of the saddle is made of leather with basket …

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Big-D Western Saddle Carry & Storage Bag

Carry and storage bag for western saddle, made of quilted nylon with reinforced edges, it is perfect for the transport of American saddle without damaging it.  

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Bob’s Tim McQuay Saddle

Bob’s Western Saddle for Reiner produced in collaboration with Tim McQuay is well-finished and peculiar in the smallest details. Features: It’s a professional Saddle for reining used all around the world by the best reiners, constructed from American select quality …

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Buckles for Fender

The buckles for western stirrups leathers are spare parts for the western saddle. In thick galvanized metal, they are covered in light-colored leather.    

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California Western Saddle

The California Western Saddle from the Silver Horse Line is a pleasure saddle. Features: The seat jockeys are made of overturned light leather, while the rest of the saddle is made of leather with basket …

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Classic Pleasure Saddle

The Classic Western Saddle from the Silver Horse Line is a pleasure saddle of superior quality. Features: Made of smooth leather with embroideries on the outlines. Soft suede seat in beige colour. Stirrups in leather. .

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Denver Western Saddle

The Denver Western Saddle from the Silver Horse Line is a cutting saddle of superior quality. Features: The seat jockeys and part of the skirt are made of overturned leather. Instead the fenders are made …

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Eco Lux Western Saddle Complete

The Eco Lux Western Saddle is comfortable and ideal for walks. It is made of genuine leather, with suede seat and basket pattern. Supplied with fur girth, breastplate, bridle with reins …

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Fire Barrel Saddle

The Western Barrel Saddle „Rocking Saddlery” Fire model is a high quality product. Comfortable and very practical, it has an elegant design with refined finishes and made with attention to details. Features: Made …

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Hand Tooled Saddle

This Western Wade Saddle is comfortable and practical. Features: Hand tooled saddle made of thick and soft cowhide of superior quality. Fiberglass tree. Smooth leather with decorations. Weight: 15 kg    

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Horses Merinos Western Seat Cover

The Horse Western Seat Cover is comfortable and perfect for protecting the saddle. Main Features: Made of merinos wool, with lateral bands for fastening. Very soft, it is perfect for those who …

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Horses Western Seat Cover

The Horses Seat Cover for Western saddle, is comfortable and ideal for protecting the saddle. Features: In Merinos Wool, it is equipped with practical side straps and a central adjustable band to meet different needs. Very soft, it …

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Lakota Off Billet for Saddle

Short off billet for western saddle. Made of durable double nylon, is perfect as a spare. The lanyard is suede.  

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Lakota Short Leather Off Billet

Short leather off billet for western saddle. The leather is soft and durable, long-lasting.  

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